Sesame seed farming is becoming increasingly popular in Nigeria from relative obscurity. Sesame popularly known as beniseed is a short duration crop grown throughout the year where irrigation is practice. It is a warm season annual crop and is considered drought tolerant but needs good soil moisture for establishment and for height yield.

Rising from relative obscurity and being a largely abandoned and unknown crop, sesame seed currently has grown to take a leading position among key agricultural commodities of export value and that contributes immensely towards foreign exchange earning in Nigeria raking over $150 million in 2016, and expected to gross $200 million dollars in revenue at the end of the 2017 trading and export.

Currently according to reports and data from the Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC) and National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Sesame seed among other agricultural commodities of export value is now the second highest earner of foreign exchange after cocoa.

Agro News Nigeria is leading a national charge for sesame seed farming and investment in its value chain in Nigeria.

Under our farm estate model, investors and the general public are invited to invest in sesame seed / beniseed farming through our cooperative and contract farming investment plans.

Under the contract farming option, investors and the general public invest and fund a minimum 1 hectare farmland which is 100% managed by Agro News Nigeria. operations on the farm from soil analysis, development, planting, harvest and threshing is 100% handled by Agro News Nigeria using best and good agricultural practices (GAP) – giving rise to optimum yield. Produce or agreed return is handed to the investor.

In the other option – cooperative plan, investors who have the time to manage their operations can also take up lands under lease arrangement to manage farm operations in their farmlands within our farm estate. All farms are fully secured and managed by Agro News Nigeria.

Our Farms are located in Gumel Jigawa State.

We will be holding an Investors Question & Answer session in Abuja and Lagos on the 3rd & 17th February respectively. All prospective investors are invited to attend.

For Further informtion contact Agro News Nigeria;, Phone: 07031097516, 08124788433