Agro News Nigeria presents our maiden 2018 Abuja Agro Commodities Investment Luncheon to hold on Thursday, 8th February, 2018 and Sunday, 11th February (For those unable to attend the Thursday session)

The year 2018 has began in earnest. For most people, investors and the general public alike the question in the minds of  all is how to invest profitably in the year 2018? Where will you be growing your money and how will you be growing your money this year.

For some the way to save and grow money is to leave it idle in the bank. To this class of people, their true happiness is measured by the amount of idle funds in their bank accounts. But idle money in the bank is not money in progress, infact for every Nigerian bank, with a plethora of charges and deductions, money left in the Nigerian banks are actually money in retrogress and decrease.

The question again is how do you intend to grow your funds in the year 2018?

More so, one of the ancient and earliest ways of investment and getting increase on physical money had been to invest in commodities; Gold, Wheat, Corn, Precious metals etc. These are commodities whose value will always appreciate as days go by.

Another way known to man is farming – where the law of sowing and reaping comes to effect. We sow our money in seeds and harvest crops at a given time. The rate of our return is dependent on how much seed we have sown.

Agro News Nigeria presents another opportunity early enough in 2018 for the citizenry to be properly informed and educated on how best to grow their funds and capital through Agro commodities Investment.

What Are Agro Commodities? Agro Commodities are derivatives of crops or harvested crops in their raw state. I.e Sesame / Beni seed, Soya beans, Bambara Nut, Cowpea (Beans), Egusi, Ogbono, Maize, Ginger, Millet etc.

What are the opportunities: Farming of these commodities, Local Trading of harvested ones, Storage & reselling at higher prices and finally Export.

Every year, knowledgeable and informed agro investors grow their capital and fund with a very decent return on their investment (Not the usual overnight billion promises on the net) year in and out. In the year 2017, Oil bean returned a minimum 40-55% to investors, Sesame Seed gave about 30-35% (Depending on holding period). Sesame and Bambara nut farming produced almost a 60% ROI for farmers (with storing and waiting period)

Compare the above return on investment figures with the daily charges and deductions that is common with idle funds deposited at Nigerian banks and your conclusion should be clear for those who truly are ready to grow their money. Even at a meagre 8% per annum fixed deposit return on investments, it is certainly no where compared to return on investments on agro commodities.

May be you are saying to yourself – I do not have time, I am working, I don;t have the time to farm, trade, store or even export these commodities myself. The answer is that you don’t need to quit your job. There are very sustainable, safe and guaranteed structures to help you invest – Farm, trade or Export Agro commodities while keeping your full time job. The Agro News Investment Cooperative Society offers a credible platform for those wishing to invest in Agrobusiness but do not have the time to manage their investment.

All these and more you will get to know and discover at our maiden 2018 Abuja Agro Commodities Investment Luncheon and Investment Expo.


– How investors and working class can profitably invest in Agro commodities – Farming. Local Trading and Export.
– Agro commodities to place your money on in 2018.
– Investing Through our cooperative group for investors who have a full time work.
– How To Finance Your Export as a member of our group
– How To Invest In Agro Commodities (Farming, Trading & Export)
– Owning Agro commodity farms through our contract and cooperative farming platforms.

Note: There will be on the spot registration for those wishing to invest in farming and Agro commodities trading through our cooperative group.

Commodities In Focus:

Sesame Seed, Soya Bean, Bambara Nut, Beans, Palm Oil, Oil Bean, Ginger, Egusi, Ogbono and other agro commodities.

Date: Thursday, 8th February, 2018, & Sunday 11th (for those unable to attend the Thursday session)
Time: 12;30 pm – 4;30pm, Sunday Session;3;00pm to 6;30pm
Venue: Ayalla Hotel, beside Bolton White Hotel, By SAHAD stores, Area 11, Abuja
Fee: N10,000

There will be on the spot registrations for the cooperative and also question and answer sessions for the farming investments

To Register: Fill the form below or Text name and email to 08035044364 (Attendance strictly on confirmation)

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