Virtually every day, at the Agric Investment Unit of Agro News Nigeria, we get numerous calls and enquiries from Nigerians, who want to join the Multi – billion Cashew Nuts trading and processing business.

With Cashew investors and traders in Nigeria raking in over One Hundred and Fifty Million Us dollars annually ($150, 000,000), alone from local trading and export of  Raw Cashew Nuts, Nigerians are awakening to the fact that Raw Cashew Nuts is gradually becoming the new dollar spinner and income generation agric crop.

Gone are the days when people would throw away cashew nuts after eating the cashew fruit. It is now like oil, a most cherished commodity.

From youths, adults to established agric investors, the reoccurring question have always centered on the following;

  • How can I make money trading Raw Cashew Nuts?
  • How can I get Indians and foreigners to purchase the cashew nuts?
  • Is it true that I can make a lot of money from Raw Cashew Nuts?
  • Where do I source my Cashew nuts?

Unfortunately, the above questions are not the basic questions anyone interested in the business of Raw Cashew Nuts and its processing should be asking.

The established fact and truth is that there is money to be made from Raw Cashew Nuts, but with every business, anyone looking to build income and wealth through Raw Cashew Nuts must be able to understand the following basics; I term them the “Raw Cashew Nuts Investment Must Know”

These Cashew Nuts Must Know Include but not limited to;

  • How Much Funds Is Needed to start
  • Best Time to Source for Raw Cashew Nuts.
  • Cheapest Locations to Source Raw Cashew Nuts
  • The Best Strategy to Adopt to Be Able to Source At Cheaper Rates (Buying More For Less)
  • How To Ensure Quality of Nuts
  • How To Maximise Profit Through Storage
  • How To Maximize Profit Through Local Processing (More is to be made from this than export of raw nuts)
  • Best Strategy To Mop Up Funds To Purchase Raw Cashew Nuts
  • When Best To Sell Your Raw Cashew Nuts
  • Investing in the Raw Cashew Nuts Business As a Cooperative
  • How To Access Foreign Buyers
  • Exporting RCN (Raw Cashew Nuts)

Mastery of all the above questions, steps and guide lines in the RCN (Raw Cashew Nuts) Business and Investment would ensure your success in the business and that you maximise and optimise profit.

If you are in Lagos State, Join us on the 18th February, 2017 as we unravel the truth and facts about Agro commodities Investment & Export and Local Food stuffs Export.

Other commodities to featured and exposed;

Raw Cashew Nuts, Ginger, Soybean, Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Palm Kernel, Hibiscus, Sesame Seed, Shea Nuts, Ground Nut, Onion & Tomato)

Also featuring the basics of Food stuffs export (Ogbono, Egusi, Sea foods, Cray Fish & other local foodstuff.


*How you can invest in each commodity. *Making money through storage. * How to allocate money round year in different commodities for maximum profit. *Secrets of each trade. * Quality Determination. *Export opportunities (key) * Processing and value addition. * NEXIM Export Stimulation loan and procedures *

Date; 18th February, 2017
Venue; Chemline House Training and Event Centre Hall 1, 7,Obasa Road,Off Oba-Akran, Ikeja,Lagos. (Behind Forte Oil Filling Station)

Time: 9;30am to 4;30pm

Cost; N20,000.

To register; please fill the form below or text name and email to 08035044364