The following are basic documents required to be able to register and obtain a NAFDAC certification Number for Processed Agro Products;

  • Application for production /Renewal inspection-2 copies (Application to be made on official company letter head)
  • Evidence of payment (An official N52, 750 NAFDAC application fee. Extra payment applies for different pack sizes)
  • Certificate of Incorporation of the 5 copies
  • Evidence of Trade Mark Registration5 copies
  • Company Organogram-2 copies
  • Credentials, CV offer of Appointment and Acceptance, Appointment letter of production Manager-2 copies (Production Manager – Minimum OND, in a science field.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) (I)Production (II) Quality control (III) Cleaning (IV) -2 copies
  • Production flow chat -2 copies
  • List of production and Quality control equipment -2 copies
  • Certificate of Analysis of Raw Materials – 3 copies
  • Certificate of Analysis of Finished Product -3 copies
  • Quality Assurance Agreement-2 copies
  • Certificate of Fumigation of Factory-2 copies
  • Fumigation Agreement-2 copies
  • Medical Certificates of fitness of Production-2 copies
  • Medical Retainership Agreement -2 copies
  • Sample of packaging material -8 pieces (Provision should be made on the material to accommodate relevant NAFDAC and manufacturing information)
  • Application /Registration form -4 copies
  • Batch formulation – 2 copies

It may look so overwhelming but the way to go is to start from somewhere.

Are you find it difficult registering your Agro Allied Products with NAFDAC? Get in touch with us.