The Agro Commodities Investment season is here again. The harvest season for key Agro commodities and those of key export value is here again.

How are you going to be growing your money this season? By leaving them idle in the bank? Investing in fixed deposits and bonds for 6-10 % annual return on investment?

Invest in Agro Commodities this season and stand the chance of maximizing returns on your capital with the right knowledge and strategy.

Agro commodities that you should prepare to invest on this season include:

  • Ginger
  • Soybean
  • Groundnut
  • Sesame Seed
  • Cocoa
  • Bambara Nut (Okpa)
  • Oil Bean
  • Palm Oil (Dry season)
  • Palm Kernel (Dry season)
  • Palm Kernel Oil (Dry season)
  • Cowpea (Beans)

A couple of the Agro commodities above are already being harvested while the rest are available for harvest between the months of October to November.

How You Can Invest:

You can explore one of the following value chains this season to make money;

  • Sourcing of Agro Commodities
  • Local Trading
  • Storage
  • Invest on Packaging and storage bags
  • Export of Agro Commodities

Key Information & Knowledge You Must Have Before Investing;

  • Cost Analysis
  • How to Source
  • When to sell
  • Measurement Standards
  • Pricing
  • Pricing Index & History
  • Quality Determination
  • How to connect with buyers
  • Best practice for storage
  • Packaging techniques
  • Export Documentation
  • Export Destination
  • Connecting with foreign Buyers
  • How To Finance Export

 For most prospective and willing investors, they are either limited by the lack of time to invest by themselves or lack of knowledge and experience to do same.

Therefore, to assist prospective investors solve the above challenges, we are able to offer the following;

  • Provide guidance and advisory for you to invest in Agro commodities.
  • Manage your investment for an agreed return.
  • Offer you assistance in sourcing of Agro commodities at cheapest prices.
  • Invest for you at an agreed return on investment.

Are you interested in exploring the huge opportunities in Agro commodities Investment & Export? Let us be your guide to the market.

Seeking to Invest your funds yourself or Invest through us?

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