Nigerian food is essential to Nigerian culture. It defines the Nigerian people.
Below are the local dishes of the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria including that of the Niger Delta;

Bitterleaf Soup (Ofe Onugbu); Bitter leaf soup is one of the best traditional soups from the Eastern part of Nigeria. Bitter leaf soup, like most other Nigerian soups is named after the particular leaf which is used in preparing it, and has lots of health benefits.

Ogbono soup ; Made with ground ogbono seeds, leafy greens, other vegetables, seasonings, and meat Ogbono is indigenous to the Igbos. Ogbono is also eaten with many dishes similar to pounded yam, amala, fufu, etc.

White soup; It is made with Utazi leaves. The soup is not necessarily white, hence its name.
Pepper soup;The soup is made with nutmeg and chili pepper. It can be garnished with fish, beef, goat meat or chicken. Pepper soup is usually used as appetizer in official gatherings however, it is consumed majorly in the evenings at pubs and social gathering.

Oha soup; This mouth-watering delicacy is mostly eaten by people from the Eastern part of Nigeria, the Igbo tribes. The soup is made with the Oha leaves.

Abacha and Ugba; It is known as ‘African Salad’ and can be eaten as a meal or snack. This meal is well-known in the Eastern part of Nigeria, among the Igbo tribes. It is rich and contains lots of vitamins.

Nkwobi; It is a cooked spicy cow leg. It is a popular traditional desserts in Eastern Nigeria. Most Nigerian men visit Igbo restaurants on Friday nights to enjoy Nkwobi.

Ofada stew; It is a palm oil based stew popularly known in the Western part of Nigeria. It is made with palm oil, unripe pepper and tomatoes, beef and locust bean. It’s a stew for the local rice in Nigeria called the ofada rice. Some also refer to it has brown rice. It’s usually served in ‘ewe eran'(leaves) which gives it a distinct taste.

Efo riro ; The stew is made from leafy vegetables and tastes nice when eaten with fish. It is common among the Yorubas.

Gbegiri; It is a bean based stew native to southwest Nigeria.

Ewa Aganyi; it is made up of cooked beans and pepper sauce. It is a delicious beans dish, well-known for its softness and tasty sauce.

Amala and Ewedu soup; this is a classic Nigerian food, mostly eaten by the Yoruba tribes, especially people from Oyo State, but it is appreciated by other tribes. This greenish slimy limy soup is known to have so many nutritional values.


Miyan kuka; It is also known as Luru soup. It is a type of Nigerian cuisine from the northern part of Nigeria.The soup is made from powdered baobab leaves and dried okra. It is usually served with tuwo shinkafa or dawa.

Tuwo Shinkafa; it is one of the most delicious foods in the Northern part of Nigeria. Tuwo is made of soft rice and spicy sauce.

Dan wake; Dan Wake which literally means Son of Beans is a Northern Nigerian recipe. Dan Wake on its own is pretty tasteless just like fufu meals and it relies on a sauce or side dish for its taste just like our fufu meals rely on Nigerian Soups for their tastes.

Masa; It is a type of corn flour used to make the dough for tamales and empanadas. It is eaten in the northern part of Nigeria. As a ground flour, masa is a more concentrated source of calories than the whole corn and a better source of calcium. Comparing the nutrition of the two can help you determine the health benefits of each.

Miyan Zogale(moringa soup); is another one of the popular Hausa soups. This soup is healthy because of the use of moringa leaves. They are very medicinal and a healthy choice for vegetable.


Banga Soup; Banga Soup or Ofe Akwu is native to the Niger Delta and the South Eastern parts of Nigeria. In the Niger Delta areas, Banga soup is commonly eaten with various fufu recipes: Starch, Pounded Yam, Semolina, Garri and Cassava Fufu. In the South Eastern parts of Nigeria, Banga Soup is referred to as Ofe Akwu where Ofe means Soup / Stew and Akwu means palm fruit and is used mainly as stew for Boiled White Rice.

Polofiyai; A very rich soup made with yams and palm oil.

Kekefiyai; A pottage made with chopped unripened (green) plantains, fish, other seafood or game meat (“bushmeat”) and palm oil.

Fried or roasted fish and plantain; Fish fried in palm oil and served with fried plantains

Gbe; The grub of the raffia-palm tree beetle that is eaten raw, dried, fried in groundnut oil or pickled in palm oil.

Kalabari “sea-harvest” fulo; A rich mixed seafood soup or stew that is eaten with fufu, rice or yams.

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