Are you passionate about Agriculture and Nigeria’s Agricultural development?

Are you interested in investing in Agrobusiness in Nigeria?

Are you held back by start up Fears?

Are you limited by funds to finance your export as an individual?

Interested in being part of a group of Agrobusiness investors and Agriculture enthusiasts in Nigeria?

Seeking to be part of a group where you can leverage on funds, time, expertise, land and other key resources to maximize returns from Agrobusiness in Nigeria?

Do you have available land for agriculture and seeking resources to develop it? Do you have funds and seeking genuine land to lease for agriculture? Do you have investment funds and passion for agriculture and do not have the time to venture into it?

Look no further!

Agro News Nigeria has rolled out an Agrobusiness Investment Cooperative to take care of the numerous daily requests from our audience and the general public on such Agro Investment Cooperative and Agrobusiness group.

Join us on Thursday 8th & Sunday 11th February for a two in one event of our Abuja Agro Commodities Investment Workshop & Cooperative Question & Answer session.

The event will also feature an Investment Exposition and training on Agro Commodities Investment; Farming, Local Trading & Export.

It will also feature guidelines and question and answer sessions on how prospective investors especially those who have full time work can be part of our cooperative farming and Agrobusiness Investment, while keeping their full time job.


– How investors and working class can profitably invest in Agro commodities – Farming. Local Trading and Export.
– Agro commodities to place your money on in 2018.
– Investing Through our cooperative group for investors who have a full time work.
– How To Finance Your Export as a member of our group
– How To Invest In Agro Commodities (Farming, Trading & Export)
– Owning Agro commodity farms through our contract and cooperative farming platforms.

Note: There will be on the spot registration for those wishing to invest in farming and Agro commodities trading through our cooperative group.

Commodities In Focus:

Sesame Seed, Soya Bean, Bambara Nut, Beans, Palm Oil, Oil Bean, Ginger, Egusi, Ogbono and other agro commodities.

Date: Thursday, 8th February, 2018, & Sunday 11th (for those unable to attend the Thursday session)
Time: 12;30 pm – 4;30pm, Sunday Session;3;00pm to 6;30pm
Venue: Ayalla Hotel, beside Bolton White Hotel, By SAHAD stores, Area 11, Abuja
Fee: N10,000 (Inclusive of cooperative Registration)

There will be on the spot registrations for the cooperative and also question and answer sessions for the farming investments

To Register: Fill the form below or Text name and email to 08035044364 (Attendance strictly on confirmation)


Most  investors and prospective agro investors are limited by one or more of the following;

  • Time to manage logistics around their investment
  • Unavailability of land
  • Fear of start up
  • Insufficient capital to go into commercial farming
  • insufficient capital to finance Export contracts
  • Lack of expertise
  • Cost of setting up structures needed for business eats up set out capital


  • Engage in commercial farming
  • Engage in mechanized farming
  • Share costs of structures needed for warehousing, storage, haulage etc
  • Share Risks
  • Share Operational Costs
  • Finance Agro Exports Together
  • Keep our daily jobs and still own farms


We strive to achieve a Nigeria sufficient in food production and Rich in Agricultural produce exports.

Members of the cooperative group imbibe the belief and mindset that it is better to save money in the farm and in Agro commodities that appreciates rather than leaving money idle in the bank.

We grow our money in the farm and in Agro produce as we strive to also grow the nation.

As a TEAM; Together, Everyone Achieves More.


As a cooperative group we engage in the following;

  • Annual Crops’ Farming ( Soybean, Ginger, Sesame Seed, Bambara Nut, Maize, Cowpea, Cassava & Rice)
  • Cash Crops Farming (Oil Palm, Cashew, Cocoa)
  • Agro commodities Trading, Storage & Export (Soybean, Palm Oil, Oil Bean seed, Ogbono, Egusi, Ginger, Sesame Seed, Bambara Nut, Maize & Cowpea)
  • Local food production and processing (Garri Processing, Palm Oil Processing)
  • Empowering of rural farmers in and outside our cooperative group
  • Champion advocacy for the promotion and consumption of home and locally grown Nigerian Agro foods.


  • Guaranteed impressive return on investments (30-50 % per annum), Terms applies.
  • Access to the cooperative’s farmlands across the country
  • Access to cooperative’s crowded funds to develop member’s lands
  • Access to quality Agrobusiness Advisory services
  • Ability to own farm investments while still keeping day to day job or business
  • Access to the cooperative’s storage facilities across the country
  • Access to cooperative’s crowded funds to leverage on investment


  • Agro News Nigeria (Agro News & Investments Nig Ltd) is responsible for the day to day management of the cooperative’s investments and farm lands.
  • In addition to the membership fee, every registered member is expected to annually activate his or her membership by investing in one or all of the following;
  • Invest in a minimum 1 hectare farm development for a desired commodity within the cooperative’s farm lands across the country
  • Invest funds along other members in Agro commodity trading & Export during harvest and storage seasons
  • Make goodwill donations towards farmers’ education and sensitization programmes undertaken by the cooperative
  • Contribute towards advocacy outreach organized by the organization (Anti smuggling campaign, Agric budget monitoring, local food consumption advocacy, land use act etc)


For every farming season members subscribe to farmland development for desired crop. The cost for each hectare development and management for specific crops are amended and sent out to all members before the onset of the farming season.

 A minimum hectare (1 hectare) allocation is accepted for every individual member.

Return on investment varies from 25 – 40 % for each crop cycle.

Farming is annualized.

Click to view the cost estimate to farm each crop; Click to view


Members make investment contribution into Agro commodities trading storage and Export.

The commodities traded on majorly by the cooperative include; Raw Cashew Nut, Ginger, Sesame Seed, Bambara nut, Soy bean, Dry Hibiscus flower, Palm oil (Local), PKO, Oil bean seed etc.

Investments made into Agro commodities trading and interests are tenured for a minimum 6 months. However, returns on investments could be paid out to members quarterly or as deemed fit.

Returns on investment ranges from 30 – 40 % per annum (Terms apply)


There is a membership fee of N10,000 for every cooperative member.

To read more about the cooperative; Click here to read more