Nigeria is a country that is blessed with abundant agricultural produce and commodities.

Some of these Agro commodities that offer a very promising and high prospect for income and wealth building include;

– Soybeans, Hibiscus (Zobo leaf), Ginger, Garlic, Cashew nuts, Cocoa, Sesame Seed, Shea nuts / butter, Maize, Wheat, Onion, Tomato, Honey, Chili Pepper, Palm oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Palm Kernel etc

More so, with these commodities being available at different seasons and its occurrence spread across different regions of the country that supports their growth, they present a huge income building opportunity for investors, youths and entrepreneurs when opportunities in their value chain are explored and tapped into.

Some of the ways by which entrepreneurs and investors can profit through Agro commodities include but not limited to the following;

– Agro Commodities Farming
– Agro Commodities Sourcing
– Agro Commodities Brokerage
– Agro Commodities Supplier
– Agro Commodities Marketing
– Agro Commodities Processing
– Agro Commodities Storage (Trading on and off season)
– Agro Commodities Export.

To participate profitably in the Agro Commodities business; every participant should have a complete knowledge of the following;

– Seasons for Agro Commodities Investment
– How To Invest Locally In Agro Commodities and business plan
– Sourcing Techniques
– Measurements Standards
–  Pricing Standards
– Quality Determination Techniques
– Export Destinations
– Export Documentations and Procedures
– Storage Practices
– Processing opportunities and end products

 Also Prospective Exporters and investors need to understand;

  • Cost Analysis for Agro commodities production and Trading
  • Export cost analysis per 20 and 40 FCL (Full container load)
  • Getting Buyers
  • Quality Standards
  • Export Financing Guidelines

Prospective investors also looking into Local foodstuff export needs to understand the following;

  • How to secure orders
  • Quality determination
  • Documentation and processes
  • Freight charges
  • Quarantine charges
  • Measurement and standards

Are you interested in Making Investment in Agro Commodities; Local Trading, Storage or Export? Are you interested in local foodstuff export?

Are you interested in Investing on ( Ginger, Raw Cashew Nut, Shea Butter, Hibiscus, Sesame Seed, Palm Kernel, Palm Kernel Oil, Soybean etc)?


For detailed business plan, training and guidance on Agro Commodities Investment; Local Investment, Production, Export;

Contact; Agro News Nigeria’s Agro Commodities Investment Unit


Phone; 08035044364, 08034265913.

You can also visit any of our offices for an investment clinic session.


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