The local foodstuffs export business is growing rapidly kudos to the rising number of Africans living abroad.

This form of entrepreneurship was discovered by some locals who at one time traveled abroad to visit relations or do business and on getting there found out that the local kind of delicacies like egusi, amala, onugbu, fio-fio, pounded yam, and Oha soup etc are rarely available and when seen in an African restaurant, very costly.

This gap in getting local dishes abroad has opened opportunities also for foreigners living Abroad setting up restaurants. Also in the last two decades, restaurant across Europe and America have thrived, making these delicacies a regular feature on their menus.

More so, other than restaurants, the increasing number of Nigerians living abroad in these countries have continued to create a high demand for local foodstuffs and ebibles abroad.

Commodities in high demand include; smoked fish, crayfish, garri, beans flour, melon seed, ogbono, cassava flour, bitter leaf, dried pumpkin leaf, pepper, pap and vegetable leaves, Ugu, Utazi, Ewedu, Efo, Okazi, Chili, pepper, Dried fish, Stockfish, Maggi cubes, ,Yam tuber, Poundo Yam, Ofada rice, Yam flour, Fufu powder, Indomie Noodles among others.

The good news about foodstuffs export is that with a little capital anyone can participate in this highly lucrative business, I therefore urge youths, start ups and those seeking to create wealth for themselves to tap into this wealth creation opportunity which do not require them to break their bank accounts.

Prospective investors can also maximize the returns on their capital and portfolio by investing in Foodstuff export side by side Agro commodities investment and export.

With every business, having access to the right information, knowledge and training about foodstuffs export business; requirements, documentations and processes is the most important aspect of this business beyond having capital and a registered company.

 Necessary Information Every Prospective Foodstuff Exporter Must Know;

*Export Documentation
* Foodstuff Export Procedure
*NAQS Documentations and processes
*How to connect with foreign buyers
* Sourcing of foodstuffs
* Quality Determination.
* Freight & shipping documentations and costs.

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