Fish farming like other business has its pros and cons. And truthfully it is a very lucrative and yet a money draining business.

I have read articles about how lucrative the business is and how to invest and reap millions. All I do is just to laugh on reading such article. All they want is just for you to buy their manual and make money. Surprisingly most of them don’t have a farm of their own, they are computer farmers who don’t have any experience whatsoever in the business..

Catfish fish farming is very profitable but highly sensitive; therefore so much caution must be taken to avoid making mistakes that can cost so much loss. Just as there are numerous benefits, there are also problems involved which results from inadequate enlightenment and proper caution.

Losses resulting from mistakes and poor management is usually more prominent in catfish farming compared to other livestock farming ventures.

Some of the key areas where new fish farmers must be well grounded and informed to avoid loses include;

  • Fingerlings for stocking. This is one aspect for the failure of fish farmers. Most hatcheries select the best (shooters) for themselves and sell runts to undiscerning farmers.
  • Pond Construction. (How to start small with the right equipment). Earthen pond or Concrete or Mobile pond?
  • Pond disinfection.
  • Stocking Techniques.
  • Avoiding overstocking of your pond.
  • Control of environmental hazards
  • Feeding your Fish rightly.
  • Feed selection and formulation.
  • Avoiding water contamination and pollution.
  • Marketing (Most farmers rely on same conventional marketing techniques)
  • Livestock Insurance

Are you interested in Fish Farming?

If you are in Lagos state and environs Join us on Saturday, 24th June, 2017 the 3rd edition of the Lagos Agribusiness Investment Clinic workshop which features a must attend session for any intending catfish farming investor and those who are currently unprofitable.


  • Investment opportunities in Agro commodities & Export; Business Plan, what you need, capital and documentation.
  • Poultry Farming; Broilers or layers; Pitfalls, Cost estimates
  • Catfish Farming; Pitfall to avoid, Tackling marketing. Processing opportunities, Cost estimates
  • Snail Farming; Choosing AA specie over AM, cost estimates, domestic and commercial snailery cost estimates
  • Crops production; What you must know, Per hectare estimates, ROI, Challenges
  • Greenhouse Farming; Foreign or local, costs, challenges
  • Available Agric loans and grants and how to assess.

Venue; Chemline Event & Training Centre, 7 Obasa Road, Behind Forte Oil Filling Station, Off Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.

Time; 9;30 am to 5;30 pm

Cost; N15,000 (All attendance and payment must be confirmed before 22nd June, 2017)

To register name and email to 08035044364 or fill the form below;

Pictorial Images From Our Previous Workshops 

May 2017 Edition of Abuja Agro Commodities Export Workshop
Feb 2017, Lagos Export Workshop
Participants at the 2016 Abuja Agribusiness training
Participants at the 2016 Kaduna Agribusiness training
2016 Kano Agribusiness workshop
Participants at the 2016 Lagos Agribusiness Investment Clinic

 Previous CatFish practical training


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