70% of farming activities in Nigeria today is carried out by rural and small holder farmer.

Also 70% of the available food produced locally in Nigeria comes from these small holder and peasant farmers.

It is on them that the dominant urban population relies on for its daily food needs.

However Nigeria’s farmers face severe and huge challenges in their quest to ensure availability of food in Nigeria.

The average Nigeria farmer portrays a pitiful and unenviable image. He or she is old, poor and bent by hard labour. Invariably the result of the use of Stone Age implements; the hoe and cutlass.

Some of the severe challenges faced by these farmers which in turn is affecting and threatening food security in Nigeria include;

– Very poor and limited access to Agro Extension services

– Limited access to affordable and sustainable loans

– Very limited access to mechanized equipment; due to high cost of hiring

– Lack of knowledge about market and its economy

Your support and donation today will ensure that we are able to assist rural farmers in the following ways:

– Increase our extension services to more farmers

– Assisting farmers with improved seedlings

– Offer soft loans to farmers in our network to increase their farm holding

– Continue with our services in helping farmers get more value for their produce through our access to the market programmes.

A major area we seek public support is to be able to offer agricultural extension services to more farmers and bridge the knowledge and information gap that currently exist with Nigerian farmers.

Nigeria currently has a painful and unbelievable statistics of 1;8000 Agric extension worker to farmer ratio. This is far below the FAO recommended 1:400.

Your support today can help change this for good and make a difference in the lives of rural and poor farmers in Nigeria.

Working together with The Giving Hand To The Poor Foundation, we aim to monthly increase the number of rural farmers having assess to agricultural extension services in Nigeria.

Every single donation is well account for and we provide you with updates and reports on how and where it was channeled.

More so, you can choose which state and even region that you wish to empower rural and small holder farmers in Nigeria.

You can offer;

-One-off donations
– Become a monthly partner/donor
– Sponsor an agric extension outreach to farmers

The Empowered Farmer

– A Happy Farmer

– Better Informed

– More Yield Per Hectare

– Financially empowered

– Healthier Farmer

You can also contact us for other ways you can support/help grow Agriculture in Nigeria.

Support Nigerian rural farmers today!