Under the contract farming investment option, prospective investors engage us to cultivate choice/ desired crops on their behalf.

The entire process of crop production from land acquisition / lease, land development, cultivation, management up to harvest is done by Agro News Nigeria.

Under this farming arrangement, investor /the contractor is offered produce at agreed expected yield at harvest.

This is most suitable for exporters, processors, local Agro traders or others who already have a defined market or defined intended use for the crops to be farmed.

It is also most profitable in that investors do not receive pre-determined fixed return on investment (ROI) but are at an advantage to gain more at sale of produce/ processing at prevailing market rates.

More so, given that the processing fee is one-off (in the first year), hence profit is expected to nearly double in the subsequent years.

The major advantage of the contracted farming is that contractor/investor is expected to receive a yield that is considered best in the country as Agro News Nigeria ensures best practise to ensure maximum yield.

Under the contract farming option, the minimum hectare subscription is 20 hectares for each crop.

Key Facts You Should Know About the Contract Farming

  • Minimum 20 hectares subscription
  • Agro News Nigeria manages the farm 100 per cent.
  • Processing fee is one off and only applicable at the first time of investment
  • Net profit (in produce is split 80:20 in favour of the contractor
  • Farm covered by insurance from NAIC (Nigeria agricultural insurance company)

Our Focal Crops;

At the moment Agro News Nigeria have the capacity, expertise, experience and spread (land)to develop the following crops:

  • Sesame seed
  • Bambara nut
  • Soya beans
  • Maize
  • Ginger
  • Egusi
  • Cassava
  • Oil palm
  • Cashew
  • Cowpea


Every investor / subscriber into the project is expected to be a member of the Agro News cooperative group.

Membership fee is N10,000. To apply and fill the membership form; click here

After submitting your membership application form and receiving your cooperative membership no, you can make subscribe and pay for your desired crop. Note; that all investors are expected to sign a legal agreement to acknowledge investment.

kindly go through the crop outline and cost estimates below.

To proceed further after selection contact us to activate the process

To start the process, kindly go through the crop outline and cost estimate.

To proceed further after selection contact us to activate the process

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