The Agro commodities investment season is here again. It is the season for Agro commodities Investment; Harvest, storage, processing, local trading & Export.

For every Agro commodity Investor – The period of September to December and through the dry season is the most anticipated time of the year.

This is so because this is the period and season for harvest of most Agro commodities; Groundnut, Soybean, Hibiscus, Sesame Seed, Ginger, Cocoa, Barmbara nuts, Beans, Maize, Sorghum etc.

Below are major Agro commodities investors and prospective agro investors should watch out for this season;


The Nigerian ginger is highly sought for. The demand for ginger in Nigeria outweighs its production. It is a seasonal Agro commodity that has a wide range of domestic and commercial value and uses.

You can trade your ginger locally and it is also highly sought for in the international market, hence its export value. Most importantly you can go ahead to add value in the raw ginger by processing into other ginger products. Ginger is found in abundance in Kaduna, Kano State and other North – West states.

Best time to buy Ginger is between from early November.


Nigeria’s current demand for Soybean outweighs its current production.

It is highly sought for in the animal feed industry and also of high demand in the local market for its high nutritional benefit and domestic use. Soybean is also abundant in Kaduna and other parts of Northern Nigeria.

Soybean is available for harvest between september and october.


Sesame seed is a sure money spinner. The export demand for the Nigerian sesame seed outweighs its supply every season. It is a sure bet for any Agro Investor and commodity trader. It is available from late october.


Bambara Nuts (Gurji in hausa, Okpa in Igbo) is a highly sought for Agro commodity in Nigeria especially in the South East where it is a major ingredient used in making a local delicacy; Okpa.

It is a sure bet for Investors to bet their money on. It is available from October.


Zobo leaf. Hibiscus is a major Export commodity. It is also widely used locally in Nigeria in the making of the medicinal zobo juice.

Dry Hibiscus is a sure bet for any Agro investor and trader. It is available from October in most Northern states.


Pea nut is an agro commodity that has always returned high profit and return on investment for agro investors annually.

Its high demand in Nigeria is due to its demand for export as well as high use for local consumption as snacks and for its oil needs.

With the right buying and holding strategy, prospective investors are sure to rake in high returns from their investment on ground nut this season.

Groundnut is available from August / September.


Nigeria’s current demand for maize outweighs its current production.

Its high demand and use livestock feed industry has created a high demand for maize while also sending prices high.

With the right investment, buying and holding strategy, investors in maize this season would surely reap high returns.


With the high demand of the commodity in Nigeria Palm Oil is a sure money spinner for any agro commodities investor.

Potential investors should enter the palm oil business during the dry season, when prices are relatively cheaper and supply abundant.

2016 season saw investors having a minimum 60% on their investments in palm oil; trading and storage. The returns definitely depends on the holding time and amount invested.

9. Palm Kernel

 Palm Kernel is a by product of the Oil Palm, specifically the palm fruit. It is highly sought after commodity due to its widely used Palm Kernel Oil (PKO), which is in high demand by industries and manufacturing sector

10. Palm Kernel Oil (PKO)

I call it “the new oil”. It is gotten from the Palm Kernel.

Also a money spinner for knowledgeable and well informed investors and start ups.

Others include cocoa. Shea Nuts / Butter (though not a dry season commodity), cowpea (Beans), Sorghum, pepper etc.

Where do you save and grow your money? In stock, bond or you leave it idle in the bank?

Agro Commodities Investment offers a sure better, reliable and stable return on your money.

Prospective Investors can explore each of the following agro commodities value chain this season; Trading, Storage, Processing and Export.

The above represents opportunities available during this harvest season.

Are you interested in investing and making your money work better for you through Agro commodities Investment? Lets guide you?

Prospective investors can invest through us, rely on our advisory to invest and also invest themselves with the right guidance and mentorship.

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