Agro commodities investment and trading is as old as man itself. Agro commodities trading and investment offers one of the most secure, guaranteed and most profitable vehicles to grow funds and investment capital in Nigeria.

With the right experience, investment capital and network, prospective agro investors stand the opportunity of cashing in on most agro commodities at different seasons.

The agro commodities to invest on and grow your money this dry season include;


Palm oil is most available and cheapest during this dry season. With the high demand of the commodity in Nigeria Palm Oil is a sure money spinner for any agro commodities investor. Potential investors should enter the palm oil business during the dry season, when prices are relatively cheaper and supply abundant.


Palm Kernel is gotten from the palm fruit. It is a highly sought after commodity due to its widely used Palm Kernel Oil (PKO), which is in high demand by industries and manufacturing sector. Palm kernel is most available and cheapest to buy during the dry season.


Raw Cashew Nut (RCN) is a money spinner. You can invest in Raw Cashew nuts for either local trade or export depending on your capital. Also Raw Cashew Nuts can be processed into the highly sought for Cashew kernels with high domestic and international demand. The cashew trading season starts from January through April / May.


Also known as Ugba in the South East. Oil bean is a sure money spinner for investors who know when and how to invest in the commodity. It is only available and cheapest during the dry season. Prices double as high as 100% during the rainy season. Oil bean is a commodity to invest on during the dry season.


Watch out for Ogbono as early harvest starts from February in certain states. The demand for Ogbono in Nigeria outweighs its supply. It is an annual money spinner for agro investors.


Bambara nut is most available and cheapest to buy from October to January. The dry season offers the best time to purchase and strategically hold as your capital and needs permits. Bambara nut is a sure money spinner anytime any day for agro investors.


Sesame seed, popularly known as Beni seed is a sure money for Agro investors. The demand for Nigeria’s sesame far outweighs its supply and production. Sesame is still available at lower prices through the end of January. It is one of the Nigeria’s most sought after Agro commodity.


Nigeria’s current demand for Soya bean outweighs its current production.

It is highly sought for in the animal feed industry and also of high demand in the local market for its high nutritional benefit and domestic use.

Soya bean is cheapest and in abundance from October to early January.

Are you still among those that save and grow (actually reduce) your money by leaving your funds idly in the bank? It is time be a wise investor.

Agro commodities trading and investment offers you the most secure, safest and most profitable way to save your money with the best return on investment on your capital.

The good news is that you need not fear about doing it all alone or how to invest in key structures of sourcing, warehousing, haulage and seeking for market.

Are you interested in making money and getting a guaranteed and reasonable return on investment through the above Agro commodities?

Agro News Nigeria offers prospective investors the opportunity to invest in Agro commodities through our Agrobusiness investment co-operative society. The cooperative society is registered with the corporate affairs commission with membership cut across Nigeria and Nigerians in Diaspora.

All members are equal stakeholders and pull funds together to invest in Agro commodities and other diverse profitable Agrobusiness investments. Profits are shared equally among members.

Agro News Nigeria is responsible for the administration of the co-operative society.

To invest in the above commodities either through our cooperative society or individually (All investors must be members of our co-operative society), contact Agro News Nigeria.

Phone; 08035044364, 08034265913, 07031097516



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