About Us

Agro News Nigeria (Agro News & Investments Nigeria Ltd) is Nigeria’s No 1 Agrobusiness Investment Advisory, Agrobusiness Information and Agric Extension social enterprise company.

As an Agrobusiness Investment Advisory firm, we offer premium investment advisory and guide to prospective investors wishing to invest in any Agriculture and Agribusiness value chain in Nigeria.

We offer prospective Agrobusiness Investors; Local and foreign investors a foot print into Agrobusiness Opportunities in Nigeria and a veritable information platform to plan and execute their investment.

Our Agricultural Extension Unit seeks to bridge the gap that exists between farmers and the much needed information and knowledge on best practices for crop and livestock production, processing, marketing and export. to the farmers we also offer a footprint and access to the market for their produce.

Our Agro business Investment Data and statistics is second to none in the industry and will  equip you with all you need to make investment and planning more effective.

To the citizenry we offer a platform to keep abrest of Agriculture and Agro business development in the country.

For those new in Agriculture, there is no better place to know how to begin and explore your world of Agriculture!

Invest in Agriculture in Nigeria!

Thinking Agrobusiness in Nigeria? Think Agro News Nigeria.