About Us

Agro news Nigeria, is an online agro news platform created to bring to the front burner and national consciousness, issues of; agricultural development, agribusiness, agro news, agro-related events and agro-allied updates all over the country.

It intends to periodically keep citizens, farmers, agribusiness players, Agric professionals, agricultural enthusiast and indeed the world informed about agric developments in Nigeria, at the Federal, states and local government levels.

Agro News Nigeria, intends to provide an online platform to investigate and present to the public, efforts being made by the respective state Governors and most importantly the federal government (relevant Ministries, agencies and parastatals) in pursuing the development of Agriculture at the states and Federal level respectively.

The blog, most importantly intends to provide educative and informative materials and write ups for upcoming farmers and agri-business enthusiasts to enable them successfully set up in their chosen agribusiness / farming fields.

To farmers and those already in Agriculture, Agro News Nigeria presents the best platform to have access to most recent and educative information on best farming practises and agribusiness; from farm inputs, production, processing, storage, marketing etc.

For those new in Agriculture, there is no better place to know how to begin and explore your world of Agriculture!

For Agro news enthusiasts, sit back and enjoy the most educative, innovative and recent agro news updates coming from Nigeria, Africa and around the world.

Welcome to Agro News Nigeria!